Free Planner Stickers + Cut File at Craftaholics Anonymous

In conjunction with hacking my weekly Recollections planner into a bi-weekly planner, I also designed some pretty sweet (IMO) sticker flags and circles to adorn my newly-revamped planner. It's been more than a week and I'm happy to say I'm at least more pro-active in using it! If you're a reluctant planner like me, a planning newbie or a seasoned pro who's just looking for new printables, here's one for you!

There are different texts for each, such as 'bill due, to do, etc', as well as circles with pretty icons for grocery shopping, laundry, calling, gas, etc. There are also rectangles for things to buy, food plan, reminders and blank ones to write your own text. I am so happy on how these turned out!

No die-cutting machine? Easily cut them out with scissors and a circle punch! I shared both a cut file and a pdf file for these planner stickers over at Craftaholics Anonymous so if you're inclined to download them, visit the post by clicking any of the photos above or the link below!


  1. These might actually be the thing to (finally) get me organized. It's so hard to find really attractive planner stickers. Can't wait to use these in my planner!

    1. That is true! Hope they keep you organized. :)

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  3. First off, I love this printable; the font, the colors, and the stitching along the top. I wanted to see if I could put in a request for another of this printable, but where the task runs along the rows so that you have the same task on different colors instead of the same task on the same color? Thanks again for sharing this printable!


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