Seashell Cross-Section Paper Earrings at Mod Podge Rocks

I haven't made paper earrings in a long time! And since Summer is in full swing, I decided to make seashell cross-section paper earrings. I drew one on Adobe Illustrator after being inspired by some pieces I've seen last year (and promptly forgot until I was collecting shells a few weeks ago). 

I cut my pieces on my trusty Silhouette Portrait, and you can definitely cut it by hand, it just requires more patience. Overall, I love the really beachy look it lends to outfits because of its shape and pearl adornment.

If you want to see how I made it and to download the template, visit Mod Podge Rocks by clicking any of the photos above or the link below!

Want to see the paper earrings I've made before? Check this out!

Pretty Paper Earrings

Have you tried making paper earrings? How did it go? Happy crafting, friends!

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