DIY: Typographic Quote Notebook + #HappyCurioDay

#HappyCurioDay! I may not be playing with the Curio yet but I'll be getting my hands on one soon and share with you what I like about the new machine Silhouette has to offer! And while this project is not Silhouette Curio-made, you can definitely make this with your Curio when you get one - so read on! 

I still love typographic everything - from wall art, shirts, bags, even to little things like notebooks. I love seeing inspirational or motivational quotes on stuff I own - most of the time, I need it. Here's a notebook I whipped up recently using the masking technique I did before with this Plans for World Domination Notebook - and if you haven't checked that out yet, click on the link or read on for the refresher tutorial. Also, don't forget to download the free file for this so you can make your very own as well!

  • Blank notebook
  • Template (download at the end of the post)
  • Die-cutter (I used my Silhouette Portrait)
  • Chalkboard vinyl
  • Clear transfer paper
  • Matte black spray paint
  • Painter's tape
  • Box cutter
  • Ruler

Measure your notebook so you can size the template accordingly.

I used scrap chalkboard vinyl I had on hand - I find that it doesn't leave glue residue as compared to when I used shelf-lining contact paper from the dollar store. 

Trace the design, cut and then weed. Since I wanted the words to be the same color as the notebook, I weeded out the negative space (leaving the words in). I also weeded out the inline detail. If you find the inline detail is too thin for your liking, just offset the whole design until you are happy with the thickness of your inline details. If I am not mistaken, I offset mine about 0.010 inches. 

Transfer on your notebook using clear transfer paper - I used this so I can easily see if the design is parallel with the sides or not. Also, make sure that you're sticking your design onto the front of your notebook - not the back! :) Use a ruler to measure the distance between the rectangle side and the edge of the notebook. Measure two points so you know they're equal, and then tack it down. 

Mask the edges with painter's tape so you don't get spray paint over them! Paint your design and wait to dry.

When it's dry, peel off the outer perimeter of the rectangle and the painter's tape, and you will have this awesome, raised effect on your notebook - the spray paint mattified the chalkboard vinyl but it's still darker than the rectangle border. I was actually torn on whether to leave it on or not! Here are other photos:

It seems really cool if you are going for a subtle effect, no? 

I ended up weeding it off, since I wanted my text to be really visible - but I loved this look so much that I'm planning on making one with a larger masked design so it'll be more visible. I will share that as well when I get around to making it!

I used my favorite notebooks from Muji (but in a smaller size) for this tutorial. You can totally use other colors of spray paint, or even other coloring media, but I really prefer the crispness matte black spray paint gives me. Perfect for gearing up for school, don't you think?

In other news, I really am so excited about the Curio that is coming my way! I have been planning to purchase the new machine as I heard it can cut thicker materials, and if you have been reading my blog for a long time, you know that I mainly use my Silhouette to cut thick materials such as faux leather and shrink plastic - so that definitely makes me really excited! Read more about the Curio and what it can offer here: Are You Curious about the Curio?

What do you think - is it better in all black or with the kraft brown text? Let me know in the comments and if you're excited about making this! As always, happy crafting, friends!


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