Free Printable: Gold-Foiled Birthday Tags

My family was in town last week to visit me! I had a few packages come my way and I am delighted to say I have added 3 more machines to my crafting arsenal - one of which is the Minc foiler. I finally jumped on the Minc bandwagon! I got one courtesy of Darice and Consumer Crafts - and I am loving playing with it. I had a hard time deciding on what my first project would be. I wanted it to be something easy and fun, but definitely useable - I am not about to waste precious foiling material! So I ended up making a few birthday tags, as I am usually caught without one when I need them. If you don't have a foiler, no worries - you can definitely download the printable and use them as is, it's just prettier with some gold foil on it!

I first printed mine on some cute scrapbook paper. You can use any other print you want, I just love this! I think I got it from one of the hot packs at Michaels over a year ago.

I cut mine on my Silhouette, but it's so easy to cut them by hand. 

I set the Minc to 3, and fed my first piece - and I loved how it turned out!

Wondering if you can foil only part of your piece? You sure can! Just make sure the area you don't want foiled is not covered by the foil when you run it through the machine, and cover it with white paper instead. This prevents the toner to transfer onto the carrier sheet. Something like this:

And then feed it through your machine. Notice that some of the toner transferred onto the white mask of paper we put on top of it. Never forget this step or you'll stain your carrier sheet and that will transfer onto your next project.  

And voila! You are done. Marvel at the awesomeness that is gold-foiling. Now my dreams of having gold-foiled party invites at a low cost will finally be realized!

Have you tried foiling? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments! Also, don't forget to download the printable or the cut file - happy crafting, friends!


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