Fancy Skull Earrings at DIY Candy

It's that time of the year when spooky becomes acceptable - loved, even. I have a penchant for incorporating skull and skeletal pieces into my wardrobe - and with Halloween coming in, it doesn't seem as out of place as it usually does. Here's an easy tutorial for you guys to make your own fancy skull earrings that can be worn not only for Halloween but for any time of the year. 

And really, it's just easy! I'll also be showing you a way to polish your mass-produced skull beads and make them into cleaner pieces. 

So don't forget to check out the tutorial by clicking any of the photos above or the link below - happy crafting, friends!


  1. When I Click on the pictures or the link, it does not take you to the tutorial. If you search on that blog it is not found. Help.

    1. Oops! It was the wrong link! Fixed it now :)


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