Personalized Mini Notebooks at DIY Candy

If you've read this blog for a long time, you would know about my obsession with notebooks - big, small, thin, thick - I love them all (well, most of them... I am picky about the paper)! I also love customizing them and making them look pretty if they're so plain. Here's another tutorial I've whipped up on how to personalize mini composition notebooks and gold-foil them! 

They're tiny, perfect for bringing everywhere, and also perfect for giving as mini gifts! Personalize with your giftee's name or a unique one of a kind design. The. Possibilities. Are. Endless!

If you are interested to know how I made these little notebooks, head on over to DIY Candy by clicking any of the photos above or the link below! Happy crafting, friends!


  1. I love the tutorial, but would you consider selling your notebooks for those of us who like the gold foil look but do not have the ability to add the asthetic?

    1. Hi Erin!

      I currently do not sell them but will let you know if I ever decide to. Thank you for your interest! :)

    2. I appreciate it! Use your creativity and gold foil machine for good!! :o)

  2. so cute MINI NOTEBOOKS i like it and easy carry of everywhere. slim size i wanna i wanna


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