Easy Halloween Top Hat at Craftaholics Anonymous

I haven't made a top hat in so long - I think the last time I made one before this project was in college for a photo shoot. I remember struggling to make one before - but this was easy. I don't know if it's because I had more materials in my immediate reach or if it's just because I've gotten better at crafting, but either way, this was a cinch compared to when I made it in college. Don't worry though - I've shared the steps on how I made it PLUS the free printable over at Craftaholics Anonymous so it'll be even easier for you! 

What's great about this is you can customize it for the season you're making it - a Christmas top hat sounds cute, don't you think? Perfect for those holiday photo ops!

Check out how I made it over at Craftaholics Anonymous and download the template to make your own!

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