DIY: Pendulum Teardrop Earrings

I haven't been making as much jewelry lately - and while I still love making them, I have just been focused on cultivating my graphic design skills that I haven't had the time. But today I sat down and made a pair of earrings for myself, partly because I need to take a break from designing, but I also was dying to make something with the new supplies I got from the Darice website. Sooo... make your own as well with this SUPER easy tutorial!'

Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Eye pins
Earring hooks

Here's the teardrop chain I used courtesy of Darice - I was so excited when I saw them! I just love chains like this with individual shapes that you can work with. The chain comes with 7 teardrops, so if you're making a pair for each of your girlfriends, one would yield you 3 pairs and then an extra teardrop that you can transform into a necklace.

Thread two beads onto an eye pin and bend the wire at an angle. You want to measure the 'drop' before bending. I used these soft-jaw pliers to hold my wire while I bent it. 

Using some round nose pliers, loop the bent part of the wire and cut the excess. 

Now open the loop again and thread onto the hole of the teardrop - you'll want to close it when the pendulum part of your earring is inside the teardrop. 

Finally, attach your earring hook and then close it to secure your earring.

And you are done! Told you it was so easy. It took me more time staring at my jewelry materials than actually assembling these earrings. With the cold weather, it's just the perfect accessory for your fall outfits!

Want more earrings like this? Make something similar with the tutorial linked below! I really love these beads from House of Gems.

Dangling Teardrop Pearl Earrings

What do you like accessorizing with for fall? Let me know in the comments - and as always, happy crafting, friends!

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