Gold Embossed Thanksgiving Paper Napkins at Craftaholics Anonymous

I wanted to find a way to have my own custom embossed paper napkins without breaking the bank, so I decided I would try to heat emboss paper napkins with my custom-made stamp made using a Silhouette Stamping Kit. I shared the free template and SVG if you want to make your own custom stamp on my latest post at Craftaholics Anonymous as well.

I like how mine turned out and I'm definitely making some custom ones again for Christmas and other holidays and special occasions. I also shared how some tips on how to be mroe successful in using the SIlhouette stamp kit, if you are having problems with that.

To check out how I made these pretties and to download the free files, head on over to the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous by clicking any of the photos above or the link below - happy crafting, friends!

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