Conversation Hearts Plaster Magnets at DIY Candy

Valentines is just a couple of weeks away - and I am sure you've been seeing a lot of Valentines items at your local stores. I just love all the candy, chocolate and merchandise that they have during this time of the year - so girly, so pink and red. I specially love conversation hearts - more for their looks than their taste (although I do like the taste of them as well). To profess my love to the said candy, I decided I'd make some Conversation Heart magnets to adorn my file cabinet and add some festive touch to it since my husband has not painted them yet. With just plaster of paris and a heart mold - this is really easy!

They're very easy to make and once totally dry they're pretty durable as well! Check out how I made mine over at DIY Candy by clicking any of the photos above or the link below and be inspired to make your own set - or to give away! Happy crafting, friends.

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