Magnetic Market List at Consumer Crafts

Happy New Year, folks! I am so excited to share with you guys my first post on the Consumer Crafts blog! In my aim to be a more organized, less cluttered person this year, I've been using a planner more religiously, and to tell you the truth, it has helped me quite a lot. List-making and seeing my plans for the week/month visually have really helped me in staying organized and finishing tasks, so I figured I would make something for my grocery needs as well. I made a simple, printable Grocery list that I shared over at Consumer Crafts that you can use as a magnetic list for your fridge or one you can use as a planner insert. Write on it with a dry erase marker and take it shopping with you - when done, just erase and stick it back - easy peasy!

To download the free printable and see how I made this, head on over to Consumer Crafts! Happy crafting this year, friends!


  1. Once again thanks ever so much for sharing your work, it is really appreciated and it does help when one is on a limited budget

    1. You're welcome Kendell. Glad you find it useful!


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