DIY: Coloring Book-Style Woodburned Earrings

It's easy to find adult coloring books these days - they are everywhere. And while I'm just getting into them, I thought of other ways I could apply the idea - I mean, they're all so pretty when colored it's kind of a pity not to incorporate them somewhere. I didn't like the idea of framing them as it won't really go well with the decor I planned for my space, so naturally I turned to my favorite thing to do - make jewelry. These earrings have quite a number of steps but my Silhouette Curio makes it so much easier. Check out how I made them!


Start by tracing your circle and doodling your desired image. I doodled something mandala-inspired. But you can also scan and trace an uncolored coloring book image, and size it down to your desired size and ensure it fits right into your wood image and is able to be woodburned. Trace it in Silhouette Studio, making sure to uncheck High-Pass. 

Prep your wood circles - sand the edges to clean it and drill a hole on the top part of the circle for your earring hooks.  

Set platform stack at 2. Push holder down, and adjust the pen according to the thickness of your wood to ensure there would be no extra lines drawn (when the pen moves to a different area). 

Position your drawing in the same area you will position your wood circle - I use the numbered grid mat on the screen and on my mat as a reference. Set the Silhouette 'Sketch Pen' and send it to sketch. I used my Silhouette Curio to do this so I have the same image on both earrings as opposed to sketching them directly by hand on each. 

Prepare your woodburner - I used the thinnest tip I had and pre-heated it for about 5 minutes before starting to work on the circle. 

Carefully trace your drawing. I traced inside the lines to have just one solid line. If you're only starting with woodburning, or haven't had practice in a while, it may be a good idea to practice on a scrap piece of wood first before doing something very detailed. Take it slow, but don't put too much pressure on the tip to lessen uneven lines.

When you are done, you can stain it as is, or you can color it. Since I was inspired by coloring books, I decided I would color them! I used a combination of fine tip markers and watered down acrylic paints. 

Finally, you want to color the background as well with a neutral color to make your colored images pop. I used some watered down brown acrylic paint to 'stain' my wood - you will want to do it on the front of the circle where the images are, to the sides of the circle, and to the back as well. Wait for them to dry and varnish to protect the image from color-fading. 

Finally, attach your earring hooks using jump rings and a flat-nose pliers. And you are done!

I love how unconventional they look and they certainly bring a pop of color to my still winter wardrobe. I cannot wait for spring! 

Are you into adult coloring books or do you think they're overrated? If you are interested in my doodle for these woodburned earrings, let me know in the comments! I hope you loved this tutorial - don't forget to check back every now and then for new ideas and DIYs. Happy crafting, friends!


  1. Awesome!!! I really love your doodles for these woodburned earrings. They look incredible. Congrats!!


  2. This is so cute & colorful. I love the spring style accessory <3 Great job dear.

  3. Aki, these earings are gorgeous! I love making woodburned projects and you just give me a new idea :)

    Questions: what kind of markers did you use to color them? Which work better: marker or acrylic paint?

    Thanks in advanced!

    1. Hi Helen! I used felt tip markers. I did like the brightness of the acrylic paint better.

  4. Utterly gorgeous Aki!! I have often seen the woodburning tool in Michaels but couldn't think of a good way to use them! Will share on my blog so others can come visit!!

  5. I love these earrings. Could you please tell me what is the brand of woodburner you have? I need one with a smaller shaft like yours but cannot find one like it anywhere.
    Keep up the awesome work and thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi! Mine is the Darice Ultimate Craft Tool:

      Glad you love them - and thank you for stopping by! :)

  6. Great tutorial Aki! I've come over from The Beading Gems' blog. These are just so cute!!

  7. Thank you for this unique idea. I would have made the colored images mirrored if placed on the sides.


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