DIY: Heart Wax Melts

I always thought I wouldn't get into the whole wax warming fad, but then I was recently given a Scentsy warmer (in Goldsmith) that I just fell in love with. It's the convenience of having the scents of scented candles without lighting a flame - and for a forgetful person like me, that's definitely a good thing. The Scentsy waxes do get expensive, though, and for someone like me who gets into one thing and then forgets about it the next, I didn't really want to invest too much into it just yet. I found some scented candles I liked and I thought I'd make them into wax melts to use for my warmer - and depending on the mold you use, these can definitely be given as presents for Valentines or Galentines Day!


First, pick out your candles. I have quite a collection of strawberry scented ones - the Ikea one (bottom) being my favorite as  it really smells like strawberries!

Roughly cut up your candle using a plastic knife - I like using a plastic knife because it's easily disposable. Microwave until the wax melts. 

Slowly pour your melted wax into the molds - I used the same mold from the Conversation Hearts Magnets since they're so cute! I got them for a few dollars at a local dollar store, but you can also get a brown version on eBay. Wait for the wax to set, about an hour or so, or pop them in the fridge for a few minutes. 

Once set, pop them out of the mold and do the rest - and you are done! I just love how cute these look compared to the ugly rough cuts I make with the plastic knife. 

Package them up nice to give away or keep them in a tightly-sealed jar. And you have yourself some awesome wax melts!

What kind of scent do you enjoy for your wax melt or scented candle? Let me know - and as always, hope you enjoyed this tutorial and happy crafting, my friends!

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