FREE PRINTABLE: Budget Tracker for A5 Planners

Hello friends! Today I'll be sharing a printable undated budget tracker for A5 planners. In an effort to be more accountable on the things my husband and I spend on, I made a simple budget tracker that would fit on my planner. I kept the design as similar as possible to my Carpe Diem planner to match, since I'm all about things that are matching or at least coordinating - but you can definitely use them in other A5 planners or resize them to fit in smaller ones.

You can also print them on sticker paper too if you are looking for something that you can adhere. If you're looking for good sticker paper, I've been using this brand of sticker paper (CLICK HERE) for the past while and they have been great! They're matte and peel easily, but they aren't restickable. Good news is they're relatively inexpensive for a pack of 100!

I printed a bunch of them in letter-sized paper instead of cardstock as I didn't want to bulk up my planner so much, but you can totally print them in cardstock as well. 

Hope you enjoyed this printable and don't forget to let me know what else you would like to see shared on the blog! Happy crafting, my friends. 

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