DIY: Cutout Faux Leather Mandala Earrings

I know I have posted quite a few of these things before, but I just cannot stop sharing what I create. This pair has made me so excited - I have now discovered a way to cut faux leather pefectly without it moving around the mat! I recently drew a mandala design for a client. I only needed it for a background so I felt it would be wasted if I didn't fully develop it. I cleaned up my drawing on Adobe Illustrator, chose a petal and transferred it to Silhouette Studio to cut on my Curio. And I just love it! See the fool-proof way to cut these babies by reading the process below!

coloring book earrings ornate


removing faux leather backing

If you have faux leather like me, most of them have a white netting that acts as a backing. I find that when they get cut by my Silhouette, they tend to get fuzzy around the edges. So I decided to try and take them off. It's helpful if you use a sharp tool at first to lift the edges off, but once you've got that going you can just rip it off carefully. 

preparing faux leather for cutting

Cut a piece of fabric stabilizer, sized the same as your faux leather, and iron it onto the back of the faux leather to replace the netting. This is the magic ingredient! NOTE: Faux leather will melt if it comes in contact with the iron or if it's exposed to heat for too long, so use parchment paper between the iron face and the leather. Better yet, iron the fabric stabilizer side - your leather side should be faced down and you should have the paper backing on the top side. 

Now select your design - I used my mandala design but you can purchase flower designs or doodles on the Silhouette Store, and modify them so you only cut a petal part.


cutting faux leather on Silhouette Curio

Peel off the paper backing from the fabric interfacing and place your leather on the cutting mat. Since the faux leather has the backing, I decided to mirror the design so I can fuse them together with them lining up perfectly. For my specific faux leather, I used a platform stack of 4, with the deep cut blade set to 12, Speed set to 5, and Thickness set to 28.

cutting silhouette curio leather

mandala earrings cutting silhouette curio

Feel free to play with these settings as different faux leathers come in different thicknesses and what's applicable to mine may not be applicable to yours. For best results, test cut a 2 cm square every time you need to cut a different type of leather and take note of the settings you had the most success on.

assembling leather earrings

Once your cuts are done, adhere the mirrored cutouts together. I lined mine up together and ironed them between two sheets of parchment paper. Alternatively, you can also use rubber cement or leather glue to fuse the two cutouts. If using glue, wait for them to dry.

attach jewelry earring hooks pliers diy earrings

Once dry, attach your earring hooks using jump rings. And you are done! I am really pleased with how well the details cut out on this go. I can't wait to have more time to make more of these.

pretty cutout DIY leather earrings

coloring book style leather earrings mandala

I really love working with faux leather as it is less expensive than real leather (although I love me some real leather too!). Don't forget to check out other similar projects I've done by clicking any of the photos below!

monogram pouch leather cutout silhouette cameo curio

feather earrings leather DIY
leather ornate earrings cutout

bat necklace floral cutout DIY

Have I convinced you to buy the Silhouette Curio yet? I really love it for cutting my faux leather!

faux leather earrings cute mandala coloring book

Have you gotten into the trending mandala patterns yet? Leave me a comment down below - happy crafting, friends!


  1. These look awesome but I do not have a curio. Only the cameo. Will the cameo work if I get a deep cut blade? Thank you.

  2. would you be willing to share this studio cut file?

    1. Hi Sarah!

      I will be offering an svg cut file on my etsy for it soon :)

  3. Are you going to offer the svg cut file on your Etsy? I don't see it available.

    1. Hi!

      You can purchase it on my Etsy store - search 'mandala' or you can purchase it from my SVG website here:

  4. Is there a store I can purchase these files in?

    1. Hi!

      You can purchase it on my Etsy store - search 'mandala' or you can purchase it from my SVG website here:


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