DIY: Cute Pots from Easter Bowls

Happy April Fools Day! Today's DIY isn't related though - I'm sharing a fun way to make cute pots for Spring. If you've put away your Easter decorations already, I suggest you dig them out. If not, go to the nearest stores and look for colorful Easter bowls! Why? Well - we can extend the life of your decor with some repurposing. I've been on the search for different pots for my faux succulents lately - why faux succulents? Well, I have a tendency to kill plants accidentally (I once killed a cactus in less than a week. I think I may have overwatered it). I wanted something cute and unique so when I spotted these Easter bowls on clearance the other day, I thought they were just the perfect thing - and for 99 cents a piece I can't really complain.

cute plant pot succulent head

Cute plant pot polka dot

Clean your bowls and remove all stickers. I use a heat gun to speed up the sticker removing process - it heats up the adhesive so it's easy to peel away.

plant pot cute chick easter

Just look at how cute they are! But they didn't have a place in my apartment in this condition.

spray painting plant pot

Spray with primer - it took me a couple of coats to cover all the bright coloring, but I got there. I decided not cover the inside as much since it wouldn't really be showing. After coating, you might want to coat it with a clear spray to preserve the paint, or coat it with your color of choice. I wanted to stick with the white as it is a stark contrast to their colorful past :)

applying vinyl to plant pot

Their eyes disappeared when I spray painted them so I thought of adding some cute eyes to spruce them up. I cut them using my Silhouette Portrait on black vinyl - but you can totally use acrylic paint and hand-paint them in.

fake succulent floral foam

'Planting' faux succulents is really easy! First, add floral foam inside the bowl, and then add some moss.
arranging succulents on plant pot

I find it easier to arrange using the tallest elements first - kind of like doing it Ikebana-style (I took a class in floral arranging when I was in college and it was one of the best classes ever). If you find that you have bald spots - no worries! Unlike real succulents, just cut off a piece from a a faux succulent piece that you think would look good and then stick it in.

fake moss succulent pot

Once you're done with all the succulent pieces, fill up the rest of the areas with more moss. And you're done.

succulent plant pot chia head

spring plant pot succulent

cute plant pot for spring

faux succulent ideas decor

I am so in love with how these turned out! I honestly have one beside the TV and another in the bathroom. It doesn't look like an Easter bowl at all, doesn't it? 

I hope you were inspired by these to make your own repurposed plant pots from Easter bowls or any character bowl from that matter! And if you do, will you be planting real plants or faux succulents like me? Sound off in the comments! Have a great time crafting, friends.

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