DIY: Shabby Chic Chalkboard Key Rack

Since my husband and I moved to our first apartment together months ago, we've been in dire need of a coat/key rack by the door. We have a tiny apartment, and with my hoarding tendencies the amount of craft and hobby supplies I have, I take up most of the closet space so we need to utilize every nook we can. I decided I would make a little key/coat rack for the items that we need to leave by the door and of course, I had to add a chalkboard! My husband needs it for daily reminders - he often blames me when he forgets. Check out how I made it!

shabby chic chalkboard key rack main

I found my cabinet door at a local Restore - I got my vintage doork knobs from them as well!

sanding cabinet door

First you'll want to sand your cabinet door - just a light sanding will do to remove the dirt and grime that's settled on it specially if it's an old piece. 

painting cabinet door trim

Paint the outside trim your preferred color - I used Americana Decor chalk paint in 'Primitive' as I loved the off-white color of it. Paint about two or three coats, letting it dry for a few minutes for each coat. What I love about chalk paint is that it dries much faster than acrylic or enamel paint!

painting cabinet door chalkboard

Next, line the inside with painter's tape and paint the middle area with chalkboard paint. I went with a deep charcoal colored chalkboard paint by mixing my black chalkboard paint with a little bit of white. Let that dry.

drill vintage knobs on cabinet door

Next, drill your hardware on. I eyeballed how they were spaced but I wanted a cup pull in the middle so I started from the middle and laid it out. Mark it with a pencil and drill a pilot hole before drilling your screws that would hold your hardware. Screw your hardware on.

applying vinyl on cabinet door
I added a final touch for mine - the word 'Today' cut out on my Silhouette Portrait.  Finally, use sawtooth hangers or command strips to hang the whole thing - and you are done!

key rack coat rack vintage cute

key rack chalkboard cabinet door

Love how easy it was to make - Now I just have to think what to group it with for my front entrance. What do you usually group your key/coat rack with? 

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