WEEKEND MUSINGS: My Greatest Treasures call me Mom Papercut

In an effort to blog more and share more of what I do behind the scenes, I decided to dedicate each Sunday to what I have done or planned to do, current likes and faves and maybe some random bits. I hope it helps me improve not only my writing but my relationship with my readers as well!

I definitely enjoyed making this design last year - I gifted it to my grandmother-in-law and mothers, who definitely loved them. I figured I'd offer them on my newly opened shop this year (check it out on Etsy if you haven't yet!).

I love papercut floral details - to me, drawing them is soothing. Unfortunately I don't have the patience (and the skill) to cut fine fine details with my hands - so I rely on my die-cutting machine. I eventually will get a laser cutter once I can afford it, but my Silhouettes suit my purposes right now and I'm definitely very happy with the results. Sidenote: I think I may have some lens cleaning to do. 

Interested in this papercut or the design? I offer them both on my shop in both as a physical papercut and SVG/cutting file format perfect for cutting with your cutting machines. They're perfect for your special mom - it would be something they'd cherish forever! 

Do you like papercut designs as well? What do YOU do to soothe/relax yourself?  

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