WEEKEND MUSINGS: Rustic signs + Other Things

This week, apart from the normal work I do, I decided to make rustic-inspired signs. I've loved tweaking the fonts I have to create signs that look like they're handwritten. In the process of making them, my husband decided he would want to make the balcony furniture - so yay for me!

I specially loved how this one turned out - lately I've been feeling discouraged about a lot of things and I keep looking at what's possibly ahead that I forget to enjoy the little things everyday - like waking up with the temperature not too cold and not too hot, having chocolate, my thoughtful husband who drives me everywhere, and my two little furbabies who keep me company. It's just a little reminder for myself to not forget about the small things and actually enjoy them :)

My business cards came last week and I was so excited and posted them on my instagram - I love how they turned out! I originally was going for a simple, clean white look but I think this one suits my style even more. I also churned out some fresh new designs for my invitation + graphic design shop on Etsy. Trying to be busy week!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Love your sign Aki! A cute reminder to count our blessings!

    1. Thank you! :) It's always good to have little reminders like this - specially for me :3


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