DIY: Hold the Door Fan Shirt + Free PNG Cutting File

WARNING: This post contains a spoiler for Game of Thrones - if you haven't caught up to the latest episode, I advise you to close this tab/window or pin for later viewing.

hodor shirt DIY

For those of you who may not know, I am an avid Game of Thrones fan - and one of the characters I love the most perished heroically last Sunday. I usually don't get affected by TV show deaths - I mean, I get sad, but that's it. I literally bawled this time, and my husband was laughing at me. Red Wedding was blah, other characters dying was okay, even Jon Snow's death didn't affect me as much as Hodor's death did. Maybe it's the way it was delivered - we learn his backstory as he was being taken away from us. 

Naturally, I had to create a shirt to commemorate my favorite character (you really CANNOT believe how much I'm affected by this). I also created one for my husband, because as he put it 'We have a heat press I can make any shirt I want any time I want'. He's getting spoiled, isn't he?

weeding heat transfer material silhouette hook

This literally was a project that took me less than thirty minutes (for both shirts) to make. Although I had to use one of my husband-sized man shirts for mine, that's quite alright. You can also create it without a die-cutting machine - just print and trace the PNG file onto a shirt and paint it on your shirt.

peeling heat transfer vinyl backing

It's basically cut, weed, position and press! I love the fact that my Silhouette allows me to create any custom shirt at any given time. What was your reaction to this Sunday's GoT? Happy crafting!

not all heroes wear capes shirt DIY

hero hold the door hodor shirt

hodor shirt diy hold the door


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  1. I love this!!!!!!! Made me smile but sad at the same time. Great play on words. This shirt rocks!!!!!


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