DIY: Laundry Quarters Change Purse

If you're apartment unit renters like my husband and I, chances are you don't have a washer and dryer in your space. Our building has a laundry area, but no change machine. I jumped on the chance to create this Laundry Quarters Change purse after my husband and I decided we would get a heat press for my birthday (which was this Monday). I was also itching to use the new fonts I've bought. I'm sharing the free printable as well so you can create your own!

finish shot laundry quarters change purse handwritten


blank change purse wood background

First off, iron your change purse so it's flattened and ready for decorating. In case you are wondering, I sewn my change purse myself - follow this pouch tutorial to create a similar one for yourself!

weeding heat transfer vinyl silhouette hook

If you have a Silhouette cutting machine:
  • Trace, cut and weed the printable. I used two HTV colors for mine - black and green for the word 'Quarters' to match my zip. 
If you don't have a cutting machine:
  • Resize the printable according to your change purse size, and print it onto Printable Heat Transfer paper (for light fabrics if you have a light-colored pouch). Cut around the design as close as you can. 
ironing heat transfer vinyl onto change purse

Arrange your HTV or Printable Heat Transfer Paper onto the pouch and iron it down or use a heat press. Can I just say I love my new heat press? It's awesome and takes less than 20 seconds to finish this project! Remove the carrier sheet and you are done!

laundry quarters change purse wood background

wood background change purse with quarters

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laundry quarters change purse wood background final shot

I just love how this turned out! This is surely going to get used a lot in our household. What kind of change purse do you need? Comment down below! Have a great time crafting, friends!


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