FREE PRINTABLE: Bill Due and Pay Day Planner Stickers

Let me tell you a not-so-secret fact - I'm terrible with finances. I struggle to keep track of what my husband and I earn and what we spend. Oftentimes I can't remember what a specific entry on our credit card is from - and for me, that's not okay. So I've started to create some printables that would help me keep track of our expenditure and income (like this Spending tracker printable) - and today I created some Bill Due & Pay Day stickers that I'm sharing with you.

colorful planner stickers bill due pay day free printable

free printable planner stickers

They measure 1.5" x 0.5". Print them on inexpensive sticker paper (I use this one) and you'll have stickers for days! And can I just say, I love these colors? I'm planning to create more when I get around to it.

planner stickers freebie bill due
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Click any of the photos above to be redirected to the posts with the downloadable files. :)

organization freebie printable planner stickers

I created two lines for the Pay Day stickers to keep track of my income and my husband's. I think it's handy for a two-or-more-income household. What stickers are you currently looking for? Let me know in the comments and maybe I'll get around to designing some! Happy planning :)  



  1. Hi , I pointed out your site on my blog, I hope you enjoy . kisses

  2. I love the bill due/pay day stickers! Would it be possible to get a download that is JUST bill due stickers? We have way more bills than paydays, and I hate to waste the extra stickers.

  3. I love these but for some reason the bill due & pay day stickers I can't get to work. Is there something else that I should be doing apart from clicking on them? Thanks Beth


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