DIY Textured Circle Boho Earrings

I admitted a few days ago that I've relegated my jewelry stash in the corner of my craft closet - but today I had a hankering to create some pretty earrings - it's Summer, after all - and Summer calls for fun, boho earrings in my book!

textured boho earrings metal stamping

using metal hole punch on stamping blank

First and foremost, you'll want to mark your blanks - I just eyeballed the spacing for mine you can measure if you want. I made five holes on mine, but you can add more or less. Use your metal hole punch pliers to  punch the holes where you marked them.

texturing stamping blank on bench block

Optional: Texture your blanks - I used the round tip of my jewelry hammer to create this fun texture, but you can opt out of it. I actually did it after I've assembled the earrings so I had to disassemble it again!

bead on head pin loop

Create the drops for your earrings - I used fun, blue crystal beads for mine. Just thread them onto your head pin, cut the excess wire and loop the earring top. You will want to create 5 for each earring.

assembling earrings

Attach the three center beads with jump rings. 

how to add earring hook onto earrings

Finally, attach the outer two without the jump rings (by opening up the loop you just made, hooking it to the hole and then closing the loop again). Attach the earring hook without the jump ring as well and you are done!

summer boho crystal earrings gold

anthropologie style boho earrings

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It's an easy project that doesn't take a while to do. It's certainly instant gratification when it comes to DIYing. What type of jewelry do YOU love making?

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