DIY Wine Box to Produce Box

I've arguably been obsessed with making signs and whatnot lately. I guess I can chalk it up to decorating my tiny apartment - and while I'm trying to balance everything between a mix of modern and rustic aesthetic, it's just hard when all you want to do is make signs (I've relegated my jewelry making supplies in the corner of my craft closet for the time being). Today I'll be sharing how I made this wine box into a small produce box that doubles as shelf decor in the kitchen!

farm fresh box shabby chic decor

painting wine box warm white paint

I used a pre-stained wine box (previously used for my one-year wedding anniversary party to hold photo props). Use an off-white acrylic paint to roughly paint a base coat. You DO NOT need to cover it fully if you are aiming for a rustic look.

attach vinyl letters for stencil wood signs

Cut your stencil on vinyl and transfer it onto the box once the paint is dry. Always love using my Silhouette machines for this as it makes it really easy, but you can definitely use a craft knife as well.

vintage green americana decor chalk paint

Paint over the vinyl with your chosen paint - mine is DecoArt's Americana Decor Chalk Paint in Vintage mixed with Treasure and New Life to match my Ice Blue Kitchenaid stand mixer.

remove vinyl stencil from wood

Once done painting, quickly but carefully remove the vinyl letters.

sand chalk paint for rustic look

Distress your box to further amp up the rustic appearance. I used my mouse sander to make quick work of it, but you can definitely use sandpaper instead. 

rustic old looking wood box

Optional: Add extra detail in the form of shadows on the letters to punch it up and make it more eye-catching. I used a small brush and coupled it with warm gray paint - matches really well with the Vintage blue green! Don't forget to use polyurethane coating or wax to protect your piece for further weathering. And you're done!

planter box shabby chic kitchen produce box

I'm trying my hardest not to make too many signs - I already have a lot and I don't have a lot of wall space! What home decor item do you love making the most? 

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