DIY But First Coffee Mug

If anyone of you follows my Instagram, you would notice I've been sucked into hand-lettered designs lately. It's something I've been wanting to get into and this time around I've been disciplining myself to practice every day. Well, this morning I created a quick design that I thought would be great as a mug or shirt design - after all, a lot of people love coffee (or at least cannot function in the wee hours of the morning without it, like me!)


Creating this DIY mug was easy as pie. I first vectorized my artwork on Illustrator and cleaned it up to make my squiggly lines much better looking. I then transferred it onto Silhouette Studio and traced, cut and weeded it using some metallic gold adhesive vinyl. Yep - that's my very abused cutting mat / work area. :)

Next you will want to apply transfer tape on top of it so you can transfer it onto the mug. NOTE: To make it easy, cut between the two lines of text - I find that I can apply a much cleaner/less wrinkly vinyl when my elements are separated. Remove the backing of the vinyl and apply directly on a clean, mug, making sure all your elements are aligned properly. 

And that's it! Are you hankering for more freehand calligraphy styled DIY projects? Check these ones out:

finish shot laundry quarters change purse handwritten

What are you obsessing over lately? Let me know in the comments - happy crafting, friends! 


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  1. Thank you for sharing this tuto ! Decorating mugs with vinyl is something I want to do for a long time, but I haven't tried as far. I always Wonder how you then wash the mug ? Do the vinyl stay in place after washing ?


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