DIY Mermaid Boho Earrings

The Summer season never fails to make me craft with my jewelry supplies more. Today I'll be sharing how easy it is to create these DIY Mermaid Boho earrings - minus the drying time, they come together in minutes!

mermaid boho earrings final shot


how to set cabochon on bezelFirst, you want to adhere your cabochons onto the bezel settings - do this easily with a small drop of E6000 glue, making sure your cabochons are both facing the same way. 
adding a bead onto head pin
While your bezels are setting, it's time to create the dangle. thread your bead onto the head pin, bend the rest like in the photo, and cut off the excess wire, leaving about 1/2 inch to create a loop with. 

how to attach earring components
Before closing the loop completely, slide your brass circles in it, and then close using your round nose pliers. 

how to make dangle earrings
Finally, assemble your earrings by using jump rings. And you are done! I love how reflective these turned out and they're really great with a simple, casual outfit.  

mermaid boho earrings coachella

Looking for more jewelry inspiration? Check out the tutorials below by clicking on the photos!

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mermaid boho earrings close up
What do you love creating during the Summer season? Happy crafting, friends!


  1. How do you make or where do you buy the cabochons for the DIY Mermaid Boho earrings?

  2. If you click on it under supplies it will take you to the Amazon site where they are selling them.


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