DIY Thank You Stamp

I've always wanted to create a Thank You stamp from my own handwriting to use when sending out my cake toppers on Etsy. I've made a lot of stamps with the Silhouette Mint, and it occurred to me that while I have, I've never shared any of them to you or even a process of how easy it is to make them! 

create your own stamp in minutes

layout your graphic on silhouette mint program

It's so easy and it comes together in literally minutes. Download the graphic (or make your own) and plug it into the Silhouette Mint program. You don't even have to trace! If importing your own graphic, make sure it's clean and in black on white background for the best outcome. 

how to create stamp using silhouette mint

Just resize it according to the size you want/need - in my case I used a 30 x 60 stamp kit. Press the leaf button on the top right corner and follow the instructions.

ink you silhouette mint stamp

Remove the printed stamp and adhere it on the corresponding mount. Ink the stamp and leave to dry, about 10 minutes or so. 

remove excess ink on silhouette mint stamp

Once the ink has been absorbed, stamp out the excess ink until your stamp is clean and only your graphic shows up. And you're done!

thank you stamp calligraphic on watercolor paper

It's seriously that easy. And while the stamp refills are not that cheap, it's definitely fun to create your own stamp in minutes - and it helps specially for people running a business!

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gold embossed stamp silhouette stamping material

What would you create with you Silhouette mint? 


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