DIY Elegant Hammered Wire Earrings

There are some days when I just want to step away from my computer out of frustration and just create something. Yesterday was one of those days. Since these days it's hard for me to look for time to experiment, I turn to my trusted materials - in this case, wire and a hammer to make these DIY Elegant Hammered Wire Earrings. If you haven't seen a post of me making them, read  on for the how to. And if you have, you might still learn a thing or two!

DIY Hammered wire earrings

Cut off excess wire

Step 1. Cut off about 2-3" of 16 gauge wire. You want it as smooth and kink free as possible. 

Loop wire on wire jig

Step 2. Create a basic tirangle pattern on your wire jig with the biggest piece in the middle, and then loop your wire as shown on the top to create the area where your earring will hang from. If you don't have a wire jig, you can create a loop in the middle of your wire using round nose pliers. 

create earring form on wire jig

Step 3. Loop your wire down between the big peg and wrap each end on the smaller pegs below. Again, you can do it without a wire jig - just use a round barrel object such as a fat marker to wrap your wire around from, and then use your round nose pliers to create the loops. 

cut off excess wire on wire earring

Step 4. Cut off the excess wire. 

Attach your connector charm

Step 5. This step and the next are interchangeable - if using a connector that you will use jump rings with, you can do the next step first. If not, do this first. Attach your connector charm by opening the loops and adding your charms in. In the case of my charms, I had to shimmy them to get them to sit right on the piece. 

Hammer your wire earrings on bench block

Step 6. Use a hammer and a bench block to flatten the wire and give it a nice, finished hammered look. 

Attach your earring hooks onto the earrings

Step 7. Attach your earring hooks (with or without jump rings) and you are done!

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DIY elegant hammered wire earrings

I love how this turned out as it definitely gives off a different feel than most of my hammered earrings. More grecian goddess - don't you think? Nevertheless, I think it's perfect for a night out with friends. What jewelry design are you crushing on lately? 

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