Coffee Planner Printable Stickers at DIY Candy

One of the things I probably won't survive without is coffee - sure, I can go without it for a few days or so when I'm not busy, but when I am, I have to drink coffee. A few days ago I shared these free coffee planner printable stickers at DIY Candy so if you're a planner junkie or even just a sticker junkie - you should totally check this out!

coffee planner printable stickers at DIY Candy

handlettered free printable stickers

The printable is best printed on a full size adhesive sheet and will fit the Happy Planner and other similar-formatted planners - but you can totally use them for bullet journaling as well. Most of the elements are handlettered as well (P.S. Don't forget to check out my handlettered SVGs on Etsy)! So, check them out and happy planning, folks!

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