DIY Leatherette Passport Holders

With summer time here and long weekends near, I'm pretty sure a lot of you folks would be travelling - accessorize your passports with these DIY leatherette passport holders! They're fun to make and you can definitely customize them to your style. 

diy leatherette passport holder

  • Leatherette
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter or X-acto knife
  • Steel rule
  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Silhouette Cameo (optional)
  • Your design - I used my handlettered 'Take the Scenic Route' SVG
  • Sewing machine
cut your leather

Cut leatherette piece 5.25" x 11.25" with an X-acto or craft knife. You can also use scissors if you're handier with that, however - I definitely find I make straight lines better with a craft knife and a steel rule. 

Sandwich your passport in the middle, and fold. Rest under a pile of books until the leather takes it shape, or pin and sew right away. You can also use a heat press to hold the shape - I pressed mine for about 10 seconds at 100 celsius, two or three times. 

sew leather piece

Once the leatherette holds shape, sew around the passport holder for a finished look and cut off the excess thread. You can use a needle and thread and do a blanket stitch to make it look more interesting, however I loved the convenience and fastness of my sewing machine. 

weed your heat transfer

Now let's embellish it! My favorite word.  Cut and weed your design - I handlettered a few and you can find this 'Take the Scenic Route' design here on my SVG shop. I cut it on some metallic Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl and I must say I love this gold tone!

peel off carrier sheet

Press your design using an iron or a heat press. Again, I used a heat press and pressed it on a low heat setting for a few seconds at a time just until the design has fully stuck. 

final passport holder diy

diy passport holder

And you are done! Enjoy your new passport holders - and maybe even make a couple for your friends! I'm planning to get more leatherette so hubby and I can have matching His and Hers ones too. :) 

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

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