DIY your Own Address Stamps

DIY your own address or name stamps easily with the Silhouette Mint! Please note this page contains affiliate links, which help support this site.

Addressing envelopes is one thing I don't really enjoy doing. I like handlettering them, but when you have more than a few to address, that gets a bit tedious for me. I usually print off stickers so it's easier, but this time around I wanted to personalize it a bit more with my own handlettering for our surname. It's so easy to create your own stamp with the Silhouette Mint! Read on to see how I did it!

address stamp diy your own silhouette mint


import your lettering onto Mint Studio

Step 1. Import your handlettered name onto Mint Studio. I used an iPad Pro to letter mine, but you could also letter it onto a piece of paper, scan and clean it up. Size the design based on the size of your stamp - I selected the 60 x 30 for a perfect size for a normal envelope.

Print your stamp

print your stamp

Step 2. Follow the steps to print your own stamp. 

attach stamp onto block

Step 3. Remove the stamp from the carrier sheet - to make it easier, I use a craft knife to easily cut the plastic on the sides of the stamp. Attach the stamp onto the stamp block. 

ink your Mint Stamp

Step 4. Ink your stamp and wait until the ink gets absorbed by the stamp - around 6-8 minutes.

stamp off the excess ink

Step 5. Stamp the excess ink until your stamp only shows your handlettered image.

how to create DIY stamp

And you are done! Use the stamp easily address your envelope or as a sign-off to a card. It's a great present to give newlyweds or new homeowners as well.

Interested in more Silhouette Stamp Making? Check out this free cut file I shared months ago!

thank you stamp calligraphic on watercolor paper

What would you like to make a stamp of?

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