Fast and Easy DIY Sign with no Tools

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DIY wood sign final - fontbundles

Wood working and sign making is a little bit of a pain when you don't have a garage, tool shed or even a backyard to use your tools in. Today I'll teach you how to easily make signs with minimal tools and no power tools without sacrificing how the look!

You guys, if you follow me on Instagram you know I'm a letterer but I still love me my fonts - and this pair just makes me swoon! This font pair is part of Fantastic Fonts Bundle II from Fontbundles and it's available for a few weeks - check it out along with 38 more fonts for only $19! But now, on to the tutorial.

  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Matte Vinyl
  • Transfer paper
  • Fantastic Fonts Bundle II fonts
  • Scraper
  • Hook
  • Spray Paint
  • Wood stain
  • Rags
  • Staple/Nail Gun
  • 13" x 10" wood
  • 1" x 2" wood 
  • Miter box and saw
  • Wood glue

Step 1. Prepare your wood plank - cut your 10" wide wood plank to size. If you don't have accessible power tools like me, you can have your local hardware store cut it to the size you would like. I had them cut mine to about 13" wide pieces and depending on the length you purchase, you will have enough for multiple signs. Sand, stain or paint the surface of the wood plank to your desired lettering color and leave that to dry.

Cut paint and stain your wood plank

Step 2. Next, cut your design. I used the Crolinesy font duo from Fontbundle's Fantastic Font Bundle II. I cut my design on matte vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.

Cut and weed the letters for your sign

NOTE: To cut it easily to size, I usually create a same-sized rectangle on my program so I can re-size my design as needed.

layout text on Silhouette Studio

Step 3. Transfer your design onto the wood plank. Use a scraper such as the one pictured below to make sure the letters stick onto the plank. Peel the transfer sheet carefully while having the scraper firmly on the unpeeled side as you go so the smaller letters stick better.

adhere the letters onto the board

Step 4. Spray paint the surface with two light coats of white spray paint. I currently live in an apartment building and I do this on our balcony. Peel off the letters once the paint is dry, and touch up areas that don't look crisp with paint.

spray paint the surface and remove the letters

Step 5. Now let's get to the framing. For a non-mitered corner, I measured the shorter side and cut precisely that length. For the longer side, I measured the longer side and added the width of two of the wood strips enough to cover both the longer sides and the tops of the shorter length wood sides. Cut using your miter box and saw. Sand, stain and leave to dry.

cut the siding frame

Step 6. Attach the framing with wood glue and leave to dry. Once dry, reinforce them by using your staple/nail gun - be extra careful with this step so you don't injure yourself! 

attach the frame with wood glue

Step 7. Finally, attach a picture hanger in the back and you are done!

attach picture hanger

get naked wall sign final

This little fella is perfect for the powder room we'll be having after this month once we move to our new house! Thank you so much to Fontbundles for sponsoring this post - don't forget to check out Fontbundles' newest bundle with 40 fonts from 20 font families - the Fantastic Font Bundle II and let me know which font you love! Hope you have a great day, friend!

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